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US-2012206619-A1: Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus and recording medium patent, US-2012286249-A1: Condensed-cyclic compound, organic light-emitting device comprising the same, and flat panel display apparatus including the device patent, US-2014375270-A1: Battery power transfer system patent, US-2010120599-A1: Lid Separation Device and Methods patent, US-2010186776-A1: Vapor Extractor for a Warewasher patent, US-2010238023-A1: Method and Apparatus to Utilize Location-Related Data patent, US-2011037877-A1: Image processing method, image processing apparatus, computer readable medium, and imaging apparatus patent, US-2012041964-A1: System and Method for File Format Management patent, US-2012079823-A1: System for Correcting Turbo Lag patent, US-2012176337-A1: Electronic Art System and Related Method patent, US-2012280550-A1: Tool-Less Furniture Assembly Joint and Applications patent, US-2013122421-A1: Hybrid photoresist composition and pattern forming method using thereof patent, US-2013157017-A1: Secure beam, in particular strong frame of fuselage, and aircraft fuselage provided with such frames patent, US-2014204162-A1: Inkjet ink containing sub 100 nm latexes patent, US-2014260354-A1: Refrigerant Service Hose Check Valve Device and Method patent, US-2014323003-A1: Bicomponent Fibers and Methods for Making Them patent, US-2015082812-A1: Integrated ice maker pump patent, US-2010214787-A1: Illumination device with anti-glare function patent, US-2011134706-A1: Semiconductor memory device patent, US-2011238998-A1: Method and apparatus for portable self-contained node computer patent, US-2012162566-A1: Television and electronic apparatus patent, US-2013036125-A1: System for Analyzing Device Performance Data patent, US-2014028136-A1: Electrical machines and methods of assembling the same patent, US-2015127207-A1: Switched Reluctance Generator Integrated Controls patent, US-2010127994-A1: Layout Method for Operation Key Group in Portable Terminal Apparatus and Portable Terminal Apparatus for Carrying Out the Layout Method patent, US-2010140528-A1: Valve construction patent, US-2010144328-A1: System and method of sharing information between wireless devices patent, US-2010189799-A1: Granule coated with urethane resin patent, US-2011016811-A1: Roof Membrane and Roof System Using the Membrane to Simulate a Standing Seam Metal Roof patent, US-2011185957-A1: Multi-needle sewing machine patent, US-2012152932-A1: Apparatus, system, method and computer program product for precise multi-stage programmable induction cooktop patent, US-2012236891-A1: Lasers with quantum wells having high indium and low aluminum with barrier layers having high aluminum and low indium with reduced traps patent, US-2012243701-A1: Concha-Fitting Custom Earplug with Flexible Skin and Filler Material patent, US-2012292431-A1: Optical Window and Detection System Employing the Same patent, US-2013021317-A1: Liquid crystal display device and method for decaying residual image thereof patent, US-2013133712-A1: Three Terminal Thin Film Photovoltaic Module and Their Methods of Manufacture patent, US-2013279589-A1: Managing multi-reference picture buffers for video data coding patent, US-2014046129-A1: Fiber optic imaging catheter patent, US-2014120403-A1: Battery separator and method for preparing the same patent, US-2014309159-A1: Compositions and methods for targeting nuclear import shuttles and treating inflammatory disorders patent, US-2014334523-A1: Probe thermometer patent, US-2015008327-A1: Mid-ir multiwavelength concatenated distributed-feedback laser with an active core made of cascaded stages patent, US-2010092280-A1: Steam Cooled Direct Fired Coal Gas Turbine patent, US-2010159377-A1: Toner surface treatment patent, US-2011011810-A1: Im-18 crystalline solid and process for its preparation patent, US-2011276594-A1: Method, system, and computer program for monitoring performance of applications in a distributed environment patent, US-2012261707-A1: Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same patent, US-2012325558-A1: Rock Drill Bit, a Drilling Assembly and a Method for Percussive Rock Drilling patent, US-2013104576-A1: Air conditioner and method of controlling the same patent, US-2013120635-A1: Subject detecting method and apparatus, and digital photographing apparatus patent, US-2013316014-A1: Methods for predicting prognosis of a subject with a myeloid malignancy patent, US-2014292827-A1: Organic light-emitting display device, method of repairing the same, and method of driving the same patent, US-2014307429-A1: Light emitting device patent, US-2010141684-A1: Mobile communication device and method for scaling data up/down on touch screen patent, US-2010220068-A1: Method for Mitigating Pooling Mura on Liquid Crystal Display Apparatus and Liquid Crystal Display Apparatus patent, US-2011147662-A1: Strontium oxyorthosilicate phosphors having improved stability under a radiation load and resistance to atmospheric humidity patent, US-2012016814-A1: Production of minimally processed foods patent, US-2012260488-A1: Flange connector and gasket assembly patent, US-2013034555-A1: Epithelial membrane protein 2 (emp2) binding reagents and their therapeutic uses in ocular diseases patent, US-2013264080-A1: Self-propelled soil working machines patent, US-2014096656-A1: Method Of Cutting Tubular Members And Apparatus Therefor patent, US-2014261713-A1: Fluid Path Set with Turbulent Mixing Chamber, Backflow Compensator patent, US-2015122678-A1: Modular golf bag and method of making same patent, US-2010098430-A1: Free space optical communication with optical film patent, US-2011084071-A1: Collapsible food guard, display and server patent, US-2010174711-A1: Concurrency object classification patent, US-2010226974-A1: Antibody recognizing antigen patent, US-2010251362-A1: Dynamic spam view settings patent, US-2010281721-A1: Multi-function solar-powered lighting system patent, US-2011236128-A1: Manifold System patent, US-2012249967-A1: Method for adjusting color patent, US-2012325047-A1: Flow-formed differential case assembly patent, US-2013172168-A1: Optical glass patent, US-2014024468-A1: Pool table system patent, US-2014349396-A1: Compositions and Methods Relating to Clonal Progenitor Cells patent, US-2010174357-A1: Vascular Prosthesis of Varying Flexibility patent, US-2014212510-A1: Capcna peptide therapeutics for cancer patent, US-2014332746-A1: Single crystal high dielectric constant material and method for making same patent, US-2015153644-A1: Resin, photoresist composition, and method for producing photoresist pattern patent, US-2015159346-A1: Apparatus for controlling a cascaded hybrid construction machine system and a method therefor patent, US-2011130981-A1: System and methods for aging compensation in amoled displays patent, US-2013157452-A1: Semiconductor device including polysilicon resistor and metal gate resistor and methods of fabricating thereof patent, US-2014141094-A1: Solid compositions for pharmaceutical use patent, US-2010212819-A1: Hidden lamp manufacture process patent, US-2011008947-A1: Apparatus and method for performing multifunction laser processes patent, US-2010116871-A1: Injection molded solder method for forming solder bumps on substrates patent, US-2013235820-A1: Method and Apparatus for Performing Direct Communications in Wireless Communication System patent, US-2010108306-A1: Vibration damping system for drilling equipment patent, US-2010117051-A1: Memory cells including nanoporous layers containing conductive material patent, US-2011035587-A1: Data programming control system with secure data management and method of operation thereof patent, US-2011223253-A1: Physically stabilized biodegradable osteochondral implant and methods for its manufacture and implantation patent, US-2011282647-A1: Translation System and Method patent, US-2014369846-A1: Erosion resistant impeller vane made of metallic laminate patent, US-2011084044-A1: Lightweight High-Performance Pipelayer patent, US-2013066468-A1: Telepresence robot, telepresence system comprising the same and method for controlling the same patent, US-2010329002-A1: Forecasting program disturb in memory by detecting natural threshold voltage distribution patent, US-2012100661-A1: Ink for forming thin film of solar cells and method for preparing the same, cigs thin film solar cell using the same and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2014263361-A1: Tank assembly with liner patent, US-2010168660-A1: Method and apparatus for determining and delivering a drug bolus patent, US-2011030287-A1: Preformed roof ventilation system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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